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Digital Competitiveness


The world gradually becomes digital.

As a result, organizations want to know if they are enjoying this environment by implementing the best practices and the best tools to become more and more competitive in the market. This service aims to identify bottlenecks and propose a coherent and feasible portfolio of projects to take the company to new heights of competitiveness.

This offer aims to evaluate the competitiveness of the company and its external environment in order to identify digital market solutions (cloud computing, mobility, social networks, data science, internet of things, machine learning and robotics) that will lead the company to a new level of competitiveness.

Digital Competitiveness Diagram

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Diagnostic | Benchmarking

It is difficult to find companies that have not made investments in information technology, be it hardware, software, services or people. This diagnosis aims to evaluate the status of each one, the level of integration between them and how much they contribute to the current competitiveness of the company. This assessment is an entry point to evaluate possible methodologies, technologies and systems that could cover these bottlenecks.

Project Portfolio Creation

With clear diagnosis in hand this work aims to align the company's strategy with digital transformation projects creating a portfolio of projects with estimates of time and resources, as well as a prioritization for quick wins so that this effort can remain until the achievement goals set by the organization.

Project Implementation

Diagnosis in hand and portfolio project XD defined, is deployment time. Our implementation proposal is based on the use of agile methodology and tools to take the company to new levels of project management. Our implementation begins in the process of selecting the best alternatives, negotiations with suppliers, delivery follow-up, qualification of those involved and evaluation of results.

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