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Innovation Programs


For those companies that are convinced that innovation is essential for its perpetuation and growth. This conviction leads the company to innovate regularly and incrementally in its strategy and budget.
For these companies new questions appear, and it is at this moment that the Innovation Programs start to make sense for them.

These programs meet demands such as:
✓ Enable professionals to know how to engage in innovation clusters;
✓ Define and implement open innovation programs with innovation clusters;
✓ Strengthen the cluster of innovation to which they belong to achieve better results.

Enterprise Startup Engagement

Target Audience:
Leaders responsible for engaging startups, research institutes and academia in their innovation programs.

This program has appeal to the business developers of companies to enable them to interact with various players in an innovation cluster in order to position the company in a correct, effective and permanent way in this cluster generating innovations in a systematic and measurable way by the company. This immersive and full contact experience uses the Lean Startup methodology and an evidence-based customer discovery process.

Internal Corporate Innovation

Target Audience:
Leaders responsible for implementing an open innovation program in their own companies.

Multifunctional internal teams work on the real ideas of your company. Our program relies on systematic, comprehensive and results-oriented evidence that should drive growth and profitability in these companies. This program provides your company with a scalable and repeatable model to channel innovative products, processes and services across its value chain. valor.

Scaling Startup Ecosystems

Target Audience:
Leaders responsible for making your innovation cluster stronger and more reliable, preparing you to scale it progressively and steadily.

Governments and institutions around the world sponsor and support entrepreneurship programs to promote local innovation. It is relevant that the professionals responsible for these programs have an understanding of all the actors in this innovation cluster so that their actions can in fact promote this cluster to higher levels of maturity and not just fall into innocuous activism.

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