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Innovation Cycles


"The only way to survive is to continually transform into something else. It is this idea of continuous transformation that makes you an innovative company."

- Ginni Rometty

Better than understanding innovation is to experience its methodologies and tools. This is the proposal of this service that begins with the choice of a relevant problem of the organization that deserves to be treated in an innovative way.
For us this process translates into our Cycle of Innovation offerings. These cycles consist of going through all innovation processes, from the ideation to the delivery of the product or service to the market (as the figure below shows).

Innovation Cycles Diagram


Creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of the thought that can be visual, concrete or abstract. We at Siena Company understand that it is relevant that this phase has as input a problem or an opportunity that is aligned with the company's strategy.

360 Prototyping

Interactive process that aims to provide the areas of conceptual design, engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing the ability to virtually explore a complete product before it is built. We at the Siena Company understand that at this stage the involvement of potential.


For some products and services to be developed, internal financing is not enough, or even not feasible. Seeking external financing can be a viable alternative. We at the Siena Company have the expertise to search for public and private funding and can assist the company in achieving this financial resource in a timely manner for the window of opportunity needed by that project.

Product Development

We at the Siena Company work with Lean Product Development (LPD) methodology which is a lean approach to meet the challenges of product development. This methodology aims to respond to the following challenges:

  • Need for more innovative solutions
  • Reduce long development cycle times
  • Avoid many cycles of redevelopment (rework)
  • Reduce high development costs
  • Reduce long production cycle times
  • Reduce high production costs

Market Development

No product, no matter how well designed and developed, can withstand the lack of customers. We at Siena Company understand that the development of the product must be accompanied by the development of the market.
For this we apply the methodology conceived by Professor Steve Blank known as "Customer Development Methodology". This methodology maximizes the chances that the product will have appeal and relevance to the segment or niche of the market to which it was designed.

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