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Since 1996, promoting digital transformation in market leading companies through a dedicated team of specialists in software, infrastructure and project management


We have created a portfolio of services to serve our customers in all their decision-making moments. We are specialized in understanding problems, building concepts, generating ideas, prototyping, software development, market development, production and digital activations.

Success Cases

Since 1996 we have served companies that are benchmarks for the market and that are constantly investing to improve their competitiveness and promote new experiences for their customers and employees. Siena Company has supported these clients, assisting them in the search for operational excellence, as well as in creating the future through the development of new products, new services, new processes and new business models.

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The customer wanted to disconnect from IT infrastructure, to concentrate its efforts in its core business (resale of computer equipment).


To assume the IT department of the company. Ensure that the new team was always following the technological innovations and continuously execute small projects of evolution of the computer park, ensuring that the client was always using the latest technologies in which a balance of costs and benefits could be achieved Improve efficiency in providing support to business users. Conduct the management of providers of information technology and telecommunications infrastructure services.


As expected, Siena implemented several improvements and innovations in the client, which improved the efficiency of the use of computer resources. The service to users also underwent an improvement process in which a small number of attendants can supply all the company's demand (headquarters and 4 branches). Siena also reviews the processes and technologies adopted in order to find more points of improvement and evolution, which has pleased the client and perpetuated our partnership.



To develop a warehouse and warehouse management solution that ensures high control over the quantity and location of the materials, with the objective of drastically reducing inventory divergences and minimizing the impacts of production.


Analyze the main problems in warehouse management, the impacts on the production process, its root causes, and develop an innovative product that can be used in the customer and later offered to the market.


The early stages of the project were already extremely effective It resulted in a sharp drop in inventory and reduced production problems that were caused by this issue. Currently the product is completely structured and has new functionalities.



Renovias had the challenge of implementing a system wide Integrated Enterprise Management (solution that would serve the entire company Purchasing, Inventory, Accounts Payable, Treasury, Billing, Tax, Accounting, Planning and Budget Control, Contracts, Legal, Maintenance of Assets, HR and Occupational Medicine and Safety. The biggest challenge of this project was undoubtedly the deadline set by the client, 3 months for the implementation of all the controller departments.


Conduct detailed planning of project activities, applying all project management instruments adopted in established methodologies, daily monitoring the execution of activities to ensure mainly the quality, timing and costs of the project. Forward solutions to potential performance problems and conduct and document follow up with the teams involved.


The ERP controller modules were deployed in 3 months, breaking records of deployment time at the solution vendor (and becoming a success story for all teams involved in the project. The departments had their processes mapped and improved during the deployment, to guarantee full use of the acquired solution. The ERP solution has been fully integrated with specific software and minimally customized to avoid future inconveniences of updating.



Create a new portfolio of apheresis services for the Brazilian market.


Search for product market fit for new services through the Lean Launchpad methodology.


Creation of three sustainable and scalable business models that should represent a relevant percentage of the company's future earnings.



In their automotive whip factories, the measurements and encapsulation of the manufactured whips were made manually by humans. So, it was necessary to hire special professionals for the task of validation of the whips. This process was subject to human failures on measurement checks and encapsulation of the whips.


To develop a prototype that automatically validated the newly manufactured whips, using systems that learn to recognize patterns of errors in the photos of the whips.


As a result, it was observed that it is feasible to make a product using market mobiles to validate whips, through photos and machine learning, as long as the production line tables are fixed and operators keep the tables organized. Then, a new product was developed.

Instituto Butantan


Encourage MBA executives from Instituto Butantan to create new business models for their companies, or to develop their own startups.


Offer workshops for creating a business model, discovering and validating customers based on the Lean Launchpad methodology.


High approval rate for the workshops and engagement of executives in their companies' innovation strategy.

Clients Served

Corporate Culture

We believe that it is possible to combine high professionalism with relaxation, without losing the pleasure of working and serving others. It is these values that move us to grant meaning, purpose and constant challenges to each of our employees.

We are a company that seeks to nourish its professionals so that they can grow professionally. One of our tools for this growth to take place is SienaU, a world-class qualification program. This program, and the personal and routine monitoring of each professional by our executive team are the two pillars that ensure quality deliveries for our customers.

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1996 - 2001
  • 1996: Foundation
  • 1996: Automation of the process for identifying and shipping finished products (Gerdau)
  • 1997: Setting up a file and email server on the Linux platform (Tasqa)
  • 1998: Automation of weighing and permanence of vehicles (Gerdau)
  • 1998-2000: Automation of the product production process (Gerdau)
  • 2000: Design of the paper production control system (Votorantim Celulose & Papel)
  • 2000: Implementation of the S&OP system (CSN)
  • 2001: Integration of the L&P planning & production system (Gerdau)
  • 2001: Development of a batch control system for chemical products (Cognis)
  • 2001: Setting up a file and email server on the Linux platform (Contech)
  • 2001: Development of train optimization software for the São Paulo Metro (Alstom)
  • 2001: Information Technology Project Management (Unilever)
  • 2002: Freight software development integrated with SAP (Henkel)
  • 2002: Development of quality management software (Amphenol)
  • 2003: Development of shop floor management software (Motorola)
  • 2003: Development of online productivity panels for products (Gerdau)
  • 2004: Implementation of the S&OP system (Gerdau)
  • 2004: Implementation of WLAN network in the areas of goods circulation (Veiling Holambra)
  • 2004: Validation of WLAN network performance in industrial facilities (HP)
  • 2004: ERP customization and implementation (La Rondine)
  • 2004: Software development for Balanced Scorecard project (CPFL)
  • 2004: Development of sales management dashboards (Fresenius)
  • 2005: Software development for shop floor management (Genius Institute)
  • 2005: Allocation of Java developers for offshore projects (IBM)
  • 2005: Implementation of the S&OP system (Gerdau)
  • 2005: Development of metal profiles planning & production software (Gerdau)
  • 2005: Development of software for managing raw material purchase contracts (Votorantim)
  • 2006: Development of negotiation software for the purchase of raw materials (Votorantim)
  • 2006: IT infrastructure management (Galena)
  • 2006: Development of long-term planning software (Gerdau)
  • 2007: HR software development (Rhodia)
  • 2007: Management of corporate systems (Galena)
  • 2007: Development of S&OP dashboards (PPG)
  • 2007: Software development to identify new retail points for franchises (ION)
  • 2008: Implementation of planning software in North American units (Gerdau)
  • 2008: Security audit of corporate networks and systems (Galena)
  • 2009: Beginning of the development of the WMS (Compal)
  • 2011: Opening of headquarters in São Carlos
  • 2011: Development of the Deal Health project with FAPESP
  • 2011: Start of partnerships with universities in São Carlos (USP and UFSCar)
  • 2012: Opening of an innovation office in Switzerland
  • 2013: Presence at the Gartner IT Symposium
  • 2014-2016: Presence at the Gartner IT Symposium
  • 2017: Prototype development (DPaschoal)
  • 2017: Prototype development (Aptiv)
  • 2015: Development of national application (Votorantim)
  • 2015: Beginning of the relationship with Gerontology
  • 2016-2019: Development of nanosentive label with Embrapa
  • 2015-2017: Development of the ODDIN project with IFSP and CNPq
  • 2015-2017: Development of the Marlin project with DC UFSCar
  • 2015-2017: Development of the Manny project with ICMC USP
  • 2015-2018: Development of the Anni project with the Department of Gerontology at UFSCar
  • 2017: Recurring presence in the California innovation cluster
  • 2018: Beginning of relationship with Cemeai
  • 2018: Recurring presence in the Central Florida innovation cluster
  • 2019: Beginning of the relationship with Tech Innovation for Girls
  • 2019: Participation in the Lean Launchpad Summit
  • 2020: Opening of the new office in Campinas
  • 2020: Implementation of the Lean Launchpad program in Brazil


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