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Who are we?

It is clearly perceived by everyone that the business world has become digital. The cloud concept has made solutions available globally and this has brought an exponential supply of software products and services. For the companies many questions remained:
 •Where do I find the best solutions?
 •How do I choose the best solutions for me?
 •How do you test them to prove they are indeed relevant?
 •What infrastructure do you need to support these solutions?
 •What is the best way to hire them?
 •How should I implement them?
 •How do you ensure they stay operational on a daily basis?
 •How to train my work teams?
 •How can I ensure a safe environment that does not expose me to third-party attacks?

Siena Company, with its multidisciplinary team of professional experts and best practices, is a solid reference for companies that see the digital age as a tool to reach new levels of competitiveness and remain relevant to their market segments.

Siena in Numbers

In operation since 1996

+1000 projects delivered

96% satisfaction index in projects

4 partnerships with universities

+60 participations in international events

+10 international projects

10 research projects concluded

4 partnerships with r&d institutes

What do we do?

Digital Transformation

Nowadays, every business is a digital business. The world is changing around us at a speed never seen before. The number of digital solutions is immense and continues to grow really fast. The adoption of these solutions is defining the companies with greater capacity to compete in the market.

These changes are associated with the application of technologies in all aspects of the company (financial, management, HR, and others). The use of digital tools enables the creation of new types of products and services that go beyond simply improving and supporting traditional methods.

Siena Company is at your side to chart and implement the best path at this unique time.

servicos info


We take care of your IT through the best market practices so that your company focuses only on its business

servicos dif

Systems of

Systematize and scale your competitive edge through unique software development

servicos int


Integrate your software systems to achieve greater productivity in your processes

servicos compet


Achieve new levels of competitiveness through our unique model of digital transformation

Open Innovation

Innovation is a possible and relevant offer, whether it is a product, service, process or experience with a viable business model that is perceived as new, being adopted by customers. (Gijs van Wulfen)

We at Siena Company purposely use internal and external agents that accelerate a company's innovation by enabling it to create new products, services and business models, thereby increasing its market share or even creating new markets.

Count on us in this process!



Take the first steps towards the journey of innovation through high-impact workshops

ciclos de inovacao


Do you have a good idea? Make it a great business with our multidisciplinary team


Do you believe that innovation should be part of your organizational culture? We can help you in this challenge

To whom do we do it?

Big companies

We assist in the creation of new products and services

Emerging Companies

We deliver solutions that promote operational excellence

Our clients

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We are a company that values relationships. We believe that the best way to get to know us is in person. Contact us to discuss your next innovation or digital transformation project with us and find out how we can help you!

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