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Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

It's hard to pass through a week and not hear the term "Digital Transformation". It appears in our meetings, emails, on social networks, in the most different formats and on the most diverse occasions.

And, like all jargon, it ends up becoming a cliché and we start using the term as a walking stick in our day-to-day lives. In the end, the term wears out and loses meaning. It's the price of popularization.

Perhaps someone, more objective, has no patience and wants to cut the conversation short. This person might say: "Digital Transformation is implementing an ERP, a CRM, or any other corporate software." But the term encompasses much more. It's a paradigm shift.

To those who got this far, let's go to a definition that we consider better:

Digital Transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new, or modify existing, business processes, cultures and customer experiences to meet changing market and business requirements. This reimagining of business in the digital era is digital transformation.” (Marc Benioff)

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The Four Purposes of Digital Transformation

Every digital transformation needs to have a defined and clear purpose. It is the scope of these purposes that makes digital transformation relevant for the company. Are they:

Cost reduction through increased operational speed and efficiency

Digital transformation should be seen as the process by which companies reorganize processes and strategies, obtaining benefits through the integration and implementation of digital technologies that promote operational efficiency.

Improved customer satisfaction and interactivity

Providing customers with a seamless experience has become a requirement for any successful customer engagement strategy. Communicating with customers using their preferred channel allows sales and support teams the flexibility to serve the customer wherever and whenever they want.

Improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity

Digital transformation changes the mindset of how organizations create value for their end customers, and none of this would be possible without skilled and agile employees. Tools that increase productivity and promote collaboration are essential in this new environment.

Creating new sources of revenue and profit

From supply chains to production to the customer experience, digitization is transforming the way the industry works and creating opportunities for value creation and business perpetuation.


Our services are committed to accelerating your company's digital transformation process. Count on us from the diagnosis of your current model, to the creation and implementation of a new digital model that will take your company to new levels of growth and productivity.


Often, you don't need to develop software from scratch to go digital. There are several tools on the market, ready to use, that we can help you choose and implement. The famous SaaS (Software as a Service). Discover the B2B SaaS solutions we have selected to leverage your company. Ask for a demo, do a trial and count on our professionals for a smooth and effective implementation.

All Operational Efficiency Customer Engagement Collaborative Culture Value Creation

Success Stories

Click on each service offering below to see a small sample of our success stories.

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Automation of processes in the areas of human resources and purchasing.


Use the Totvs Fluig platform to create forms and web pages that allow users to have greater agility in the process and avoid typing errors.


The platform fully adhered to the needs of the client, who adopted the Totvs Fluig platform for other departments and hired us for new projects with a similar scope.

Thomson Reuters


Validate the market interest of an innovative software product aimed at the fiscal and tax departments of large companies.


Apply the Lean Launchpad methodology by executing the customer discovery and customer validation phases by interviewing leading executives in their market segments and sending questionnaires to many others.


The product appealed to the market and through the interviews two customers have already been won over to be the “early adopters” of the product. Changes to the original product also pointed to another business derived from this one to target mid-sized customers.

Honda Lock


Structuring the company's IT area so that it adapts to the demands of its customers.


Evaluate the current architecture. Design the future architecture. Point out the gaps to transition between them. Create a transition plan by creating a plausible and achievable portfolio of projects.


The client approved the work and it was forwarded to the board for approval of the next phase.



Monitor and support legacy environment and cloud environment and deliver service to users in different locations.


Assembling a hybrid team of local and remote professionals to monitor servers, storage, routers and firewalls and provide customer service at the central office and at the distributor's various warehouses.


The contract is now in its eighth year and we are currently evaluating new value deliveries.

Our Clients

Our greatest satisfaction is also our greatest legacy. Being able to serve customers from different segments in different corners of Brazil and abroad for more than 25 years.

About Us

Want to know a little bit more about us? Here is our history, mission, values, curiosities and timeline below.

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We believe that it is possible to combine high professionalism with a relaxed environment, where the pleasure of work and the desire to serve others is constant. In our DNA is the training of professionals, many of whom are currently in large companies in the new economy. To consolidate the quality of our services, in 2020 we created the SienaU training program. It is a digital platform that offers career paths containing “hard” and “soft skills” for the various profiles required by our services.

Each student is also systematically monitored by our most experienced professionals who will ultimately assess and allocate them to projects.

After 25 years, we can say that our values are consolidated. They define us as an organization, and they also set us limits so that we can build long and healthy relationships with our customers.

Our values

Promote a team culture that helps people experience their work not as an endgame nor transactional, but as meaningful and relational. Develop each person beyond their contribution to our mission, not just treat them as resources to further the interests of the organization.

Grow through partnerships of mutuality and integrity, avoiding an egocentric vision, which considers just our own organizational priorities. Treat our investors, suppliers, distributors and all partners as we would like to be treated, considering the needs, pressures and health of their businesses and the communities they represent.

Turn our personal ambition over to God and seek the good of others first, not our own. Not giving in to our individual desires to accumulate wealth, power and prestige, cultivating gratitude, joy and humility in the way we lead and serve.

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Working at Siena Company is a guarantee of constant learning. We work with large companies in the market and our training program SienaU offers the opportunity for accelerated professional growth. Our environment of extreme collaboration and our professional environment does not deprive us of the privilege of relaxation and spontaneity. Come grow with us. Siena Company, the best step you can take in your career.


With more than 25 years of history, we have listed some remarkable events to share with you. That way you can get to know us better.

  • 25-Currently
  • 20-25 years
  • 15-20 years
  • 10-15 years
  • 5-10 years
  • 0-5 years
  • 2021: Market development for innovative products (Thomson Reuters)
  • 2021: Maintenance Scale Weight Capture Software (Nexa Resources)
  • 2021: Formalization of partnership with Intercom
  • 2022: Formalization of partnership with Canva
  • 2022: Formalization of partnership with Celigo
  • 2022: Formalization of partnership with Gong
  • 2022: Formal partnership with Google Workspace
  • 2022: Formalization of partnership with Mailchimp
  • 2022: Formalization of partnership with Onfleet
  • 2022: Formalization of partnership with Scylla
  • 2022: Formalization of partnership with Typeform
  • 2022: Development of a WMS for discrete manufacturing
  • 2017: Prototype development (DPaschoal)
  • 2017: Prototype development (Aptiv)
  • 2015: Development of a national application (Votorantim Cimentos)
  • 2015: Beginning of the relationship with Gerontology
  • 2016-2019: Development of a nanosensitive label with Embrapa
  • 2015-2017: Development of the ODDIN project with IFSP and CNPq
  • 2015-2017: Development of the Marlin project with DC UFSCar
  • 2015-2017: Development of the Manny project with ICMC USP
  • 2015-2018: Development of the Anni project with the Department of Gerontology at UFSCar
  • 2017: Recurring presence in the California innovation cluster
  • 2018: Start of relationship with Cemeai
  • 2018: Recurring presence in the Central Florida innovation cluster
  • 2019: Start of relationship with Tech Innovation for Girls
  • 2019: Participation in the Lean Launchpad Summit
  • 2020: Inauguration of the new office in Campinas
  • 2020: Development of a solution for identifying the quality of blood component bags (HHemo)
  • 2020: Creation of a hybrid team for IT management (Instituto Eldorado)
  • 2020: Development of the Chlorophylla solution for compounding pharmacies
  • 2020: Innovative Project Portfolio Assessment (SIDI)
  • 2020: Implementation of an e-commerce platform on the client (Agis)
  • 2020: Development of a platform for training caregivers of the elderly (Ministry of Health)
  • 2020: Formalization of partnership with Netreo
  • 2011: Opening of the headquarters in São Carlos
  • 2011: Development of the Deal Health project with FAPESP
  • 2011: Beginning of partnerships with the universities of São Carlos (USP and UFSCar)
  • 2012: Opening of an innovation office in Switzerland
  • 2013-2015: Attendance at the Gartner IT Symposium
  • 2006: Development of trading software for the purchase of raw materials (Votorantim Metais)
  • 2006: IT Infrastructure Management (Galena)
  • 2006: Development of long-term planning software (Gerdau)
  • 2007: HR Software Development (Rhodia)
  • 2007: Management of corporate systems (Galena)
  • 2007: Development of S&OP (PPG) dashboards
  • 2007: Development of software to identify new retail points for franchises (ION)
  • 2008: Implementation of planning software in the North American units (Gerdau)
  • 2008: Corporate Systems and Network Security Audit (Galena)
  • 2009: Start of WMS development (Compal)
  • 2001: Integration of the L&P (Gerdau) planning & production system
  • 2001: Development of the chemical batch control system (Cognis)
  • 2001: Setting up a file and email server on the Linux platform (Contech)
  • 2001: Development of train optimization software for Metro de São Paulo (Alstom)
  • 2001: Information Technology Project Management (Unilever)
  • 2002: Development of freight software integrated with SAP (Henkel)
  • 2002: Development of quality management software (Amphenol)
  • 2003: Development of shop floor management software (Motorola)
  • 2003: Development of online productivity panels for products (Gerdau)
  • 2004: Implementation of the S&OP system (Gerdau)
  • 2004: Implementation of a WLAN network in the areas where goods are circulated (Veiling Holambra)
  • 2004: Validation of WLAN network performance in industrial facilities (HP)
  • 2004: ERP customization and implementation (La Rondine)
  • 2004: Software development for Balanced Scorecard (CPFL) project
  • 2004: Development of sales management dashboards (Fresenius)
  • 2005: Software development for shop floor management (Genius Institute)
  • 2005: Allocation of java developers to “off shore” projects (IBM)
  • 2005: Implementation of the S&OP system (Gerdau)
  • 2005: Development of software for planning & production of metallic profiles (Gerdau)
  • 2005: Development of raw material purchase contract management software (Votorantim Metais)
1996 - 2000
  • 1996: Beginning of our operations
  • 1996: Automation of the process of identifying and dispatching finished products (Gerdau)
  • 1997: Setting up a file and email server on the Linux platform (Tasqa)
  • 1998: Automation of the vehicle weighing and permanence process (Gerdau)
  • 1998-2000: Automation of the product production process (Gerdau)
  • 2000: Design of the paper production control system (Votorantim Celulose & Papel)
  • 2000: Implementation of the S&OP system (CSN)


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