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Systems Integration


It is not uncommon to find multiple systems in one organization. It is even more common to note that these systems are not integrated with one another. The proposal of this service is to allow them to behave as a single entity exchanging data among themselves and composing themselves to give a single and correct reading to the decision makers.

Information systems are chosen or built from the interests of professionals, departments or even the direction of the company to meet specific needs. Over time processes are perfected, people change and systems multiply. It is therefore important to re-evaluate the integration of these systems with each other, as well as between these systems and the new processes and organizational forms of the company.

Business Process Management

The dynamics of changes in corporate processes pushes for the use of a BPM platform.
Through it automates the management of business processes. In this platform it is possible to model, simulate, execute, control and monitor corporate processes.

Integrated Plataform as a Service

IPaaS enables enterprises to achieve integration without major investments in licensed middleware skills or software. IPaaS used to be considered an integration tool for cloud-based software applications, used primarily by small and midsize businesses at the outset. Today iPaaS has become attractive also by some segments of large companies.

Application Program Interface

In order to integrate systems, it is essential that the various services talk to each other automatically.
To do this, we've created APIs, which are a set of programming routines and patterns for access to a software application or web-based platform.

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