Innovation Cycles

Innovation Cycles

Better than just being exposed to concepts of innovation would be to experiment innovation with the right methodologies and tools with the support of a specialized team, don’t you agree? In this package we manage the stages of the innovation cycle, and guide you from the idea of a new solution to its offer in the market or practical application in your company's day-to-day. This package has 3 steps, which can be purchased separately or together:

    Together with your company's professionals, we identify market opportunities in line with your long-term strategy. Through the Lean Launchpad process, we collect and develop ideas to solve problems relevant to your business.

    We developed the initial version of the solution conceived in the previous step. During prototyping, the various stakeholders in the solution are able to interact, evaluate and change the most striking features in the solution's interface and its functionalities.

    Through the Lean Launchpad and Agile Scrum methodology, we develop digital products in record time, so that your product has adherence to the market and to its users.

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