Innovation Cycles

Innovation Cycles

Better than just being exposed to concepts of innovation would be to experiment innovation with the right methodologies and tools with the support of a specialized team, don’t you agree? In this package we manage the stages of the innovation cycle, and guide you from the idea of a new solution to its offer in the market or practical application in your company's day-to-day. This package has 3 steps, which can be purchased separately or together:

    Ideas arise daily within an organization. Many of them are registered and end up sleeping in the arms of executives and managers. The purpose of this service is to treat these ideas systematically and evaluate them with the same criteria that investors use to evaluate startups. With this, the client will have these ideas organized and classified to be able to decide which ones deserve to be implemented in the appropriate time.

    Prototyping is one of the best ways to present an idea. Through a prototype it is possible to have the first experiences of using that product, and with this evaluate the path and the potential of that idea. Siena Company has certified agile professionals to develop prototypes of software as well as hardware.

    Fundraising is an increasingly specialized activity and not many companies have the experience and the ability to explore the best options in the Brazilian market.

    For this reason, we have created a team of experienced economists and market developers to help you raise funding for your innovation project. Our service includes an in-depth analysis of the project stage, the nature of the project, its search for the current and future market, its business model and the delivery capacity of the professionals involved. After this analysis, we can point out the best financing providers to be provided. Our experience in the application of projects ranges from government funding agencies (ie, FINEP, FAPESP), as well as family, friends, angels, seed capital, venture capital and private funds.

    If you need expert support to start a fundraising program or if you need practical help, our team can provide support, either on a timely and short-term basis or as ongoing support.

    Every new product has the expectation of being relevant to the market. Whether this market is aimed at companies (B2B) or end consumers (B2C). Therefore, seeking the meeting between the product and the market is essential. This summarizes this offer from the Siena Company.

    For the service to be executed with excellence we have a multidisciplinary team led by business developers, and the Lean Launchpad methodology created by Steve Blank, Alexander Osterwalder and Eric Ries.

    This methodology is the same used by large companies and startups spread across the main innovation clusters in the world.

    Siena Company has expertise and key partners to develop software and hardware products. Our portfolio started to be created in 2012. Together with our partners, we are able to develop products ranging from artificial intelligence, to nanotechnology, through marketplaces, internet of things, and corporate systems.

    Our team of specialists are able to create prototypes, MVPs and Final Products according to the phase of market development that the project is in. We use agile methodologies, for us this means, our client follows the entire development process allowing him to evaluate the project's progress and change its course when necessary.

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