Information Management

Information Management

Our experienced team of highly qualified specialists can proactively manage your company's IT needs. Our range of managed services ensures that your business is not left in the dark. We provide peace of mind and convenience, taking care of your IT with a value-based approach, offering IT management services tailored to your needs. You will have a dedicated account manager and a specialized IT support team to ensure that your concern is addressed only to your business.

This service offer consists of comparing the business strategy with the current state of IT, focusing on people, processes and technology:

  • People - We assess the qualifications of the internal IT staff and their IT service providers. This includes interviews with executive staff, employees, and technology providers.
  • Process - We review current IT policies and procedures to identify missing elements based on the size, structure and requirements of the company.
  • Technology - We evaluate the current architecture of the network and its servers, the existing systems and applications that are in use, as well as the telephony and telecommunications systems.


  • Technology recommendations to support the organization's strategy, taking into account investments in existing systems, applications and infrastructure.
  • Review of overlapping investments and identification of redundancies.
  • Recommendations on IT best practices, policies and procedures, which may include IT governance and prioritization, security issues and purchasing procedures.
  • Identification of risks and opportunities for cost savings.
  • Investment recommendations, prioritizing whenever possible.
  • Assessment of technological capabilities in preparation for the sale of the business.

Successful management of a company in the digital age requires keeping up with the latest technology and also knowing how to use it to meet your company's needs. Siena enables your company to be the main competitor in your industry, providing quality managed, as well as local, cloud services that use globally recognized standards so that our customer can enjoy a secure, scalable and reliable platform.

Why outsource your IT services to Siena?

  • We reduced your operating costs, with low initial investments;
  • We include comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for servers, storage, network and middleware;
  • We allow you to focus on your core business and leave IT management to a team of certified and experienced experts;
  • We improve the availability of infrastructure with proactive monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing real-time reports, notifications and automatic alerts.
  • We offer the perfect combination of our remote competence center with the presence of resources on the client.

Accelerate the delivery of IT projects with our specialized and multidisciplinary resources. Siena Company has the team you need to help you deliver your IT project. They are highly qualified project managers, architects, systems and business analysts and developers providing the perfect set of skills and methodologies necessary for a high quality project delivery.

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