Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Inconsistency of data can compromise processes and decisions within your company. To avoid duplication and manual errors, knowledge of systems architecture and the best techniques on the market is required. In this offer, we guarantee the structuring and synchronization of your company's data. All of this to avoid multiple versions of the same fact. This package has 4 integration modes:

    At the forefront of human-computer technology, RPA is a capability (software and services) that allows a virtual workforce (“bots”) to transact in any of your company’s systems in the same way a human would, to perform complex, rule based activities. With robotics, you can automate and build an automation platform for your back office, front office, and support functions.

    We use BPM (Business Process Management) in order to systematize and facilitate complex processes within your company. Through this platform we are able to model, simulate, execute and monitor people, documents and other sources of information about your business.

    We develop customized indicator management panels for your business in order to make the decision-making process faster and more assertive. We centralize and process information from different data sources and publish dashboards optimized for your business.

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