Digital Journey

Digital Journey

Currently, every company seeks to finance or support innovation processes. The challenge lies in: following the constant evolution of digital technologies and defining the best adoption strategies. In this offer, we identify your company's bottlenecks and propose a portfolio of digital, coherent and feasible projects, to take you to new levels of competitiveness. This package has 4 steps, which can be purchased separately or together:

    Every company, in one way or another, has already implemented digital transformation projects. But not everyone understood that they were taking the first steps of a long journey. And for a successful journey, it is not enough to accumulate digital projects, this is equivalent to walking without a defined destination, and taking unnecessary risks.

    For a good digital journey, it is relevant to define a clear purpose, communicate effectively to those involved, prepare properly, and maintain a resilient march until the end.

    This offer has as its value proposition the evaluation of the present stage (Digital Journey Stage), and the creation of future scenarios in line with the company's strategic interests.

    Once the most appropriate scenario for the company's interests has been defined, it is time to identify the levers that will take the company, or a department, to new levels of competitiveness.

    This offer has the value proposition of creating a portfolio of duly sequenced projects. Each project will have its value proposal defined, as well as the scope, deadline and cost attributes.

    The time has come for project execution. Siena Company understands that the best way to manage digital projects is through the agile methodology defined in 2001 in the “Agile Manifesto”.

    This offer has the value proposition of creating agile implementation teams (“squadrons”) dedicated to the continuous delivery of projects. It is common in this offer to assemble hybrid teams, that is, resources from the Siena Company, and professionals from the contracted company.

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