Innovation Workshops

Innovation Workshops

Our innovation workshops are modeled on presenting concepts and tools relevant to innovation management and encouraging participants to investigate them further, either on their own or in groups. It is also within the scope of our workshops to demonstrate and encourage the practice of methodologies, such as those present in the “Lean Launchpad” model. We believe that the workshop model is a great way to teach practical skills, as it offers participants the opportunity to try new methods and fail in a safe situation.

    We believe that every executive should navigate comfortably when it comes to innovation. With an intense focus on operational excellence, it is common to find executives trying to apply this knowledge when it comes to innovation. We understand that innovation requires a new way of thinking, new methodologies and new forms of evaluation. In this workshop we intend to conceptualize and practice this new set of knowledge in a safe environment.

    Every company that decides to follow the path of innovation, must prepare for it. As part of this preparation, it is necessary to qualify managers so that innovation initiatives are well executed. This workshop aims to present the essential methodologies for the professional to succeed in his endeavor and familiarize the professional with the culture of innovation, which has its own values and rhythms. Siena Company understands that this workshop is of interest to every company that wants to create an effective and agile innovation culture and that enables the company to develop new products, new services and new business models contributing to the company's growth.

    Any investor who applies himself in the discipline of finding the best "startups" to invest in should be familiar with the models of "hackathon", "demo day", "pitch day" and so on. There are many models that favor teams that have presentation skills and quick thinking, to the detriment of others that have qualities that are difficult to manifest in events where the timer sets the pace. This workshop has the purpose of presenting the “Lean Launchpad” model created by Steve Blank and with this offering investors new angles to evaluate when, how much and where to place their resources.

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