Innovation Observatory

Take the first steps towards the journey of innovation through high-impact workshops

"To navigate successfully, you need to look very carefully. You need to identify what the wind and water are telling you and then find a way to run, reach any goal you have set, whether it is simply to get home or win a race. "
- Dianne B. Greene, founder of VMware

What is it?

The first steps are the most important. To be given, a direction is already required, a way forward. Taking into account the relevance of this journey we created this service. It comes in three formats.


The themes of each workshop can be chosen from creativity, innovative culture, business models, product development, customer development, agile methodologies and innovation management. In each workshop there is a period of alignment of concepts and then a "hands on" on that theme focused on the interests of the company.

Visits to innovation clusters

Innovation clusters are diverse types of entities (universities, research institutes, large companies, startups, incubators, accelerators and investors and government), which move in an organized way to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Usually they are concentrated in cities where there are the presence of universities that have in the research one of its foundations. This is the case of the four cities that offer this service: São Carlos, Campinas, Piracicaba and Ribeirão Preto. After this guided visit the company will have a sense of what each entity contributes to the cluster, as well as the relationship between these entities.


Crowdsourcing is a concept used in several mature innovation clusters where an organization (company or business association) is interested in generating diverse solutions to a problem or opportunity of interest. This interest then has its defined scope and is presented to several entities of that cluster, moving then this cluster in the discovery of innovative solutions. This service ends in an event, where the first ones are awarded and the organization then incube to take the next steps.

Available Workshops

Culture Mapping
Organizational Culture and Strategic Change

Visual Thinking
Structuring Ideas and Visual Thinking

Business Model Canvas
Innovation in Business

Value Proposition Canvas
Model of Innovation and Value Creation

User Experience
Customer Loyalty and Creation

Why acquire?

Every portfolio of services or products of a company walks to irrelevance. Every company that wants to perpetuate itself in the market needs to consider new services and new products. This can happen through acquisitions of other companies, no doubt about this. But also by stimulating a culture of innovation within the company itself. And one of the best ways to do this is to gain practical knowledge through workshops, connect with innovation clusters, and interact with this cluster through the interests of the company itself.

As if that were not enough, it is important to consider changes in business models. Today we can look back and realize that several market segments have been disrupted simply by changes in business models. As is the case with retail with Amazon, public transport with Uber, telephony with Apple, music with Spotify, hotels with Airbnb, and many others. And if we have a certainty, is that those markets that have not yet been seriously affected is only a matter of time and so will be.

How to implement?

1. Set the first steps

At this stage we evaluate the client's short-term interests and define the best service (workshop, visit, or codefest) or a package of these services. These services will be delivered to one or more client-defined teams.

2. Execution of service

The services, with the exception of the visit, can be carried out "in company", or in the cities where innovation clusters are located (São Carlos, Campinas, Piracicaba or Ribeirão Preto).

3. Evaluation of results

This phase is materialized in a document that contains a registry of the service, as well as a guideline of the next steps that the company can take to consolidate its journey of innovation.

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